University Partners

How can GFSD help university partners?

  • Bring a diverse and talented graduate student pool to you
  • Provide funding for your graduate students
  • Help with supporting graduate students through GFSD programming 
  • Help provide professional development support to graduate students through summer internships programs

Purchase the GFSD Applicant List

Starting in September, GFSD University Members may purchase access to the applicant list for an annual fee of $1000. You may use a credit card by clicking on Buy Now below. (Please include your email in the blank box.)

If you need to pay by check, contact GFSD at (800) 854-6772 or at gfsd@stemfellowships.org. If you do choose to use a credit card, please contact us to make sure we received the payment.

Thank you!

What types of universities can participate?

Largely Carnegie Research Extensive and Research Intensive universities.

Is there a membership fee for universities to participate?


Do GFSD fellows receive special consideration in admissions?

No. Each university processes and reviews student applications using its own criteria.

How does the process work?

Using social media, presentations, this web site, custom communication etc., GFSD publicizes the program and recruits applicants nationwide. Students submit their applications between August and December. Early in the calendar year, GFSD employers review student applications and select the students whom they wish to sponsor as GFSD Fellows. Applicants typically are notified in mid-March. At the start of the fellowship, the employer pays its annual sponsorship directly to GFSD, who then transmits the payment the university.

May fellows hold teaching and research assistantships?


Who are the potential fellows?

Potential GFSD fellows are top students in science, mathematics, and engineering from universities throughout the nation. The program places special emphasis on recruiting minority and female students.

Who are GFSD University Partners?