Dr. Amy Kim
GFSD Executive Director
Phone: (213) 821-2409 or (800) 854-6772

Dr. Joretta Joseph
GFSD Program Director
Phone: (213) 821-2409 or (800) 854-6772

GFSD Headquarters
Mail and Ground Delivery Address:

Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity
3716 S. Hope, Suite 348
Los Angeles, CA 90007-4344
Phone: (800) 854-6772 or (213) 821-2409
Fax: (213) 821-6329

GFSD Bylaws

Board of Directors

Mr. William R. Skinner, Board President
Retired former human resources head
San Pedro, CA

Dr. Amy Kim, GFSD Executive Director

Dr. Kerri Blobaum
Materials Scientist
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Leana Golubchik, Stephen and Etta Varra Professor, USC
Professor of Computer Science and ECE-Systems,
Quantitative Evaluation & Design Group (
Director of WiSE Program (

Dr. Joretta Joseph, GFSD Program Director
Non-Voting Member