Our Success so far

Since the beginning of GFSD (previously called NPSC), we have supported over 600 science and engineering graduate students. We have supported larger proportion of women and underrepresented minority graduate students than NSF graduate fellowship program.

GFSD FellowsNSF Fellows
*  NSF Doctorate Data from
EthnicityGFSD FellowsNSF FellowsUS population
African American19%6%16%
Native American2%0.2%0.7%
*  NSF Doctorate Data from

GFSD supports more women and underrepresented minorities fellows in engineering and physical sciences than both STEM-doctorate recipients nationally and current recipients of the NSF Graduate Fellowships, especially in math, physics, and computational sciences.

Additional Partners Needed: Each year, GFSD has more qualified young scientists and engineers than it can place – less than 10% of its qualified applicants. GFSD requires additional federal and corporate partners to place its qualified fellows. Please contact to learn more about partnering with GFSD.

GFSD helps

  1. Federal Agencies
    • GFSD offers agency partners access to the most diverse pool of STEM pre-doctoral students. Applicants come from major research universities, liberal arts colleges, HBCUs, and more. 
    • We also provide extensive support for our partners.
  2. Students
    • We offer $20,000 of annual graduate stipends and the fellowship can run for 3-6 years depending on agency. 
    • GFSD also provides options to participate in summer internships at sponsor agencies. 
  3. Corporations
    • GFSD offers corporations an opportunity to support a diverse pool of future scientists and engineers (especially women and underrepresented minorities)
    • Our fellows can be great candidates for summer interns for your company. 
  4. Universities
    • GFSD provides universities with carefully selected, talented, and diverse pre-doctoral students who will come with funding.

What do our recent fellows say about GFSD fellowship?

” The GFSD provided sufficient funding to reduce my teaching load. I was able to focus entirely on research without worrying about finding funding or taking up time to teach.”

“The GFSD gave me the support and flexibility to pursue my own independent research directions and discover probabilistic programming as a research area which best fit my skills and interests.”

“I was fortunate to intern during my Ph.D. The internship was a wonderful way to get an experience outside of the bubble of academia. I gained skills quite different from those that I developed during my academic work, and the internship was an invaluable component of my overall education.”